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The Magical power of writing things down (BKI 14)


You asked: "What is the best way to transfer improvised music into notes to be able to replicate it?" Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant to hear the answer!

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Does Structure hurt Inspiration? (BKI 13)


"Is it best to balance creativity with structure?" Addressing a question from you, our community today on this Bright Knowledge Instant!bright knowledge instants

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Take a breather and increase your creativity (BKI 12)


How is breathing contributing to your creativity? Take a breath. Think about it for a moment. Then watch this brand new Bright Knowledge Instant and let us know!

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How to cultivate your creative Community (BKI 11)


Are you harnessing the power of community? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and find out how!

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Get more energy for practice using this easy tip (BKI 10)


Do you need more time? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and reclaim your energy!

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Why the path to learning is winding - and that's a good thing! (BKI 9)


How do you actually learn? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and find out about learning paths!

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How to connect to your heart energy for courage and creativity (BKI 8)


Can the heart help you overcome fear... the greatest obstacle to your creativity? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and learn to use the powerhouse of the heart!

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Recharge your battery in 3 minutes (BKI 7)


Are you running on empty? Need to recharge your battery?

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Let go of judgment to get better & more joyous practice results (BKI 6)


Lacking results and motivation in your practice? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and get the change you've been looking for!

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How to feel more Inspired (BKI 5)


Have you lost your Inspiration? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and learn how to add more inspiration to your life!

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