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REPOST from Small But Impactful Ways to Nurture Your Creativity Every Day

creativity Mar 24, 2020

One of the biggest barriers to creativity is lack of time. You’re busy. Your days are demanding. You have a long list of tasks from last week that you’ve yet to tackle.

But is it really a tangible, true-blue lack of time, or more of a belief or feeling that time is scarce or non-existent?

“If there is something you want to be doing, you have the time to do it,” said artist and author Bridget Watson Payne. She interviewed numerous people for her book How Time Is On Your Side who didn’t seem to have time for their creative work—and yet carved out “pockets of time in all sorts of amazing ways.”

Payne interviewed a woman who wrote two children’s books in 10-minute bursts on her phone while riding the subway. One book took 3 months to complete; the other took 1 month. Payne interviewed an artist who works for a ride-sharing company and “lets creative ideas percolate in the back of his mind while driving” and jots...

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How to get started with online teaching & creating (platforms & tools)

online teaching Mar 15, 2020

Dear Friends, in response to your questions about getting started teaching and creating online, I made this tutorial for you. Sending love and please share with your friends and colleagues!

In case you don't know me, I work full time online as a musician, writer and teacher, run huge virtual summits, membership programs, small group and 1-1 teaching, as well as share my music and writing online.


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Mistakes as Allies

creativity Mar 06, 2020

Mistakes! Monsters in my worlds of creating, teaching and performing. The number one fear I hear from creatives is “What if I make a mistake?” Not “what if I don’t sound expressive?” Not “what if I don’t sound interesting?” No: mistakes dominate as the greatest fear. And I completely relate. I gave up my entire music career for four years due to mistake-phobia.

It’s strange, because as humans, we’re born problem-solvers. We’re always looking to fix and improve things. Problem-solving is the basis of our innovation and evolution: it’s creativity and life-affirmation in action, from the pianoforte to record lifespans.

Sometimes we humans are accused of “negativity bias.” We look for problems without appreciating what actually is working. We get stressed out as a result. But here the thing; problem-solving isn’t inherently negative. What is negative is our fear of making mistakes, our...

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How to give and receive healthy feedback (BKI 18)


Do you feel giving & getting feedback is a bit scary? I understand. I feel the same. Yet it's a risk well worth taking, as the joys far outweigh the lows. Yes, by both giving and receiving feedback we:

• cultivate community

• accelerate our learning process

• stoke our inspiration

• identify blind spots

• build resilience name just a few of the benefits!

How to give and receive healthy feedback? Start with this sweet technique: you'll set the stage for positivity and true communication.

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Balance work in small chunks (BKI 17)


You already know practicing in small chunks usually gets better results. But! It's easy to get caught up in the moment and practice too long, reversing your gains. Or, if you don't have a full hour at our disposal, we often don't practice at all, thinking it's not worth it!

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Track your progress & increase your inspiration: start your Artistic Diary (BKI 16)


Do you have a Practice Journal? For any art form, your Practice Journal = your personal Artistic Diary! See many examples of Journals here - you'll be able to find 1 in your space right now so you can get writing & reflecting immediately. Your Journal helps with tracking, motivation & inspiration, & more. Bonus: learn the several-second move that helps you get into the right frame of mind, heart & soul for productive practice.

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How to turn short-term memory into long-term memory? (BKI 15)


Do you know how to take something from short-term memory into long-term memory?! Learn how and get a head up on Mastery with this Bright Knowledge Instant!

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The Magical power of writing things down (BKI 14)


You asked: "What is the best way to transfer improvised music into notes to be able to replicate it?" Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant to hear the answer!

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Does Structure hurt Inspiration? (BKI 13)


"Is it best to balance creativity with structure?" Addressing a question from you, our community today on this Bright Knowledge Instant!bright knowledge instants

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Take a breather and increase your creativity (BKI 12)


How is breathing contributing to your creativity? Take a breath. Think about it for a moment. Then watch this brand new Bright Knowledge Instant and let us know!

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