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Overview of my creativity ecosystem:

Bright Way Guild
Bright Way Circle

Bright Way Creative Reset

Enroll in this brand-new 6-week experience for artistic creatives from all walks of life who want to reset from blocked to flowing with their unique brand of creative genius easily, predictably, and fully. A program with weekly Live Q&A Workshops.


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Bright Way Circle

FREE 4-Day Creativity Mini-Retreat

Easily Get ‘Unstuck’ and Tap Into Your Innate Creative Flow So That You Build Unstoppable Momentum Through the INFINITE INSPIRATION QUICK-START MINI-RETREAT for artistic creatives including performing artists, crafters, designers, and hobbyists from all walks of life.

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Bright Way Circle

Purposeful Creative Goals

A true creative goal expresses your Purpose, the essence of why you do what you do. You can have the drive to create consistently with confidence. It doesn’t take a bunch of rules, trying to reach 10,000 hours (debunked!), or other harsh measures you may have tried.


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Bright Way Harp Circle

Bright Way Harp Circle

A dynamic Community of harpists focused on creating, learning and living with joy and resilience. Mastering the Bright Way System together, we play confidently and expressively, learn better, and revel in true Community.


Open Jan 10-22
Bright Way Circle

Bright Way Circle

BWC works through The Bright Way book in real time, giving you personal support, inspiration and feedback. Community is essential on the creative path - join ours!



Coming Soon
Virtual Harp Summit

Virtual Harp Summit

Connecting harpists worldwide by sharing knowledge, passion, and raising consciousness of our instrument. Your instructors are almost 100 master harpists from all over the globe. 4 summits available (~40 hours/content per summit), each focusing on a different key aspect of harping.

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Selections from the albums Panta Rhei & The Bright Knowledge

Ravishingly beautiful music, expressing the full power of the harp. Influenced by classical and world music techniques, you’ll find dynamic, creative songs here. Add to your repertoire, give your students new perspective, or simply study these scores to stoke your inspiration! Intermediate to advanced level, suitable for lever and pedal harp, as well as arranging for multiple instruments and even voice.You can hear most of these pieces on Diana’s albums Panta Rhei and The Bright Knowledge

$9 - Get it here


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