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Say goodbye to lonely harping!
Keep your harp momentum flowing - no matter where you - are by joining our private community of harpists. You’ve experienced the power of harp community, and now you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime!


Creative Reset

Reclaim your inspiration, motivation, progress, and confidence. Your creative voice awaits you!

A program to free your creative flow, regain inspiration, and follow through on your projects and goals.

Creative Reset

A mastermind for advanced practitioners of

The Bright Way.

Apply to join our creative community with guided weekly live meetings:

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Creative Reset

Access the FREE Inspiration Mini-Retreat

Grow your inspiration & reignite your motivation at our mini-retreat!

(Value of $147 but yours FREE!)
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 4 DAY

Creativity Mini-Retreat

Get unstuck and tap into your innate creative flow.

Awaken your creative voice via this proven program, even if you're stuck or overwhelmed.

All in only 15 minutes/day for 4 days!


Purposeful Creative Goals

Learn the secrets to creating consistently & confidently so that you're fulfilled - not disappointed - by your art.

The key is a new, gentler, more effective way of goal-setting.

Creative Reset

Successful creative goals reflect your Purpose: this is the best motivation to create consistently and confidently.

Learn how to set purposeful creative goals that stick in this 2-part workshop! For all artistic creatives.

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Creative Reset

Join our private circle of harpists: reawaken your creativity & confidence!

The Circle: a private community for gaining motivation, skill & faith in yourself as a harpist

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Harp Circle

A dynamic Community of harpists focused on creating, learning and living with joy and resilience. Mastering the Bright Way System together, we play confidently and expressively, learn better, and revel in true Community!

Imagine yourself playing harp with passion, expressing yourself with joy and power, sharing your music with friends, family, and beyond, cheered on by a heart-centered community of creative harpists! Join us and make this your reality!

Move from being stuck or alone to harping with beauty & power, supported by kindred spirits

Creative Reset

COMING SOON! World Harp Techniques online course with Dr. Diana. Learn gorgeous, expressive, and often jaw-dropping techniques not taught anywhere else.

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Harp Techniques

Learn expressive, powerful and fun harp techniques from around the world, adding vibrancy and originality to your harping.

Use these accessible techniques for improvising, composing, arranging, and gaining deeper insight into other compositions. Hands-on and life-changing!

Meanwhile, enjoy Diana's full Ph.D. dissertation on
World Harp Techniques, reformatted for easy online reading:

Access Dr. Diana's complete dissertation


Harp Summit

The Online Harp Gathering that started it all...

Over 100 timeless, curated workshops, concerts, worksheets, and more. Each summit focuses on one important harp subject (for example Technique or Playing with Expression) so that you gain real progress in your harping.


Creative Reset

Learn from master harpists from all over the globe.

4 summits available (40+ hours of content per summit), each focused on a key aspect of harping.


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Bright Way Podcasts

Bright Way Podcasts

Real chat with real creatives: in-depth discussions with Bright Way pracitioners.

Bright Way Podcasts

Bright Way Instants

Short tutorials about one thing you can do to move your creativity ahead today.

Bright Way Podcasts

Virtual Harp Summit

Preview interviews with the amazing presenters at Virtual Harp Summit 3.

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