Live in Creative Flow & stop creative crash for good!

Feel excited to create consistently & confidently.
Be fulfilled by your art, not disappointed by it.

Forget rule lists, practicing 10K hours (debunked!), or other harsh measures you've tried.

Today, try a new, gentler, more effective way:


2 pre-recorded workshops
with Dr. Diana Rowan:

Creative Goals that Stick

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Purposeful Creative Goals Workshop

For most creatives, their dreams and goals don’t stick.
And it’s no wonder.


‘Practice an hour a day’   ‘write 500 words a day’...

Dry approaches don't work for we creatives.
Besides, these "rules" aren’t real goals, just tactics!
(Read on to discover what I mean.)

What really keeps you creatively passionate and focused?

It's already inside you - it’s your Purpose.

This is why Purposeful Goals = successful creative goals.
Together we'll learn how to set them!

When you set Purposeful creative goals,
everything changes:

  Compose with greater ease

   Write with consistency & enthusiasm

   Perform with joy not fear

   Learn better and progress

   Be confident in your creative voice

   Gain clarity of vision

   Know exactly what to say on media

   Finish that album/work that's been waiting

   Reach out consistently to galleries, venues, & festivals

   Elevate your teaching & attract the right students

   Get the courage to launch that crowdfunding project

   Manifest your masterpieces!

The Bright Way


The #1 mistake I see creatives make? Making a plan.
Wait, what?

Have you set a schedule, hoping everything will fall into place?

Instead, start with your vision, which these workshops are laser-focused on.


The #2 mistake?
Setting goals from the outside, the “shoulds.”

Purposeful Goals (heart & soul goals) spring from the inside-out, fueling you with infinite inspiration.

Again, that's what these workshops will help you with!


#3: Have you achieved a goal but then crashed, feeling low despite everything going perfectly?

When our goals aren’t purposeful, crossing the finish line can feel hollow (“why was I doing this anyway? Why don’t I feel more fulfilled?”), triggering self-sabotage and creative block.


Enough, it's time to stop creative crash!

I've heard people teach that you can force creativity.

Not true!

Pressure works only short-term.

Proven fact: creative flow (learning & creating to full potential) NEVER happens around fear or judgment.

Until now creatives have mostly been offered ineffective, demoralizing strategies.

Today there is a new way to creative flow!

You can finally make your dream projects come true.


By setting creative goals that matter to you!

And I'm here to help you:

Get Purposeful Goals Now

Creative Case Study:

Janet Hince, North Carolina



   I remember quite unfondly the years of my harp life where I did some of this and some of that, and some of some other stuff, without an understanding of why, or where I would end up if I did those things. I felt constantly in a muddle, at sea, knowing I was missing something essential but clueless as to what that might be. I was doing everything I was supposed to do except playing my harp the way I longed to play.

From my very first inkling of my harp purpose, I had an organizing principle for everything I did with my harp: does this get me closer to living my purpose? Then, I could consider what might be the next best and exciting thing for me to learn or do that would get me closer to living my purpose. Only then did thinking about all the "how-will-I-do-that" make sense. Until I was working within a purpose and towards an intention, all the things-I-do-during-my-harp-practice-time were merely ways I passed the amount of time I was "supposed" to practice my harp. I was very diligent, and I learned a lot of good technical habits and some lovely songs, but the soul of music was always missing.

I know now the missing pieces were my purpose and the creative fire of intentions that would make living my purpose reachable and possible.

I then had a reason to do everything I did during my practice session. I never again considered the amount of time I "had to" practice each day. Instead, my practice time is determined by what I hope to accomplish that day and the amount of energy I have to focus on the work. Each day is different.

That creates a total flip of motivation: I don't have to practice. I get to practice. I get to work towards making my dreams come alive. I get to do all the things that I figured out (and wrote in my practice plan) that are going to make my dreams become real.

Who wouldn’t want to get to do all of that?!?!?   

What you can look forward to:


Meaningful Goals that keep you motivated long-term - no more burnout & frustration.


Clear Goals, so that you’re exponentially more likely to achieve your dreams.


Purpose-led Goals: minimize or even eliminate post-project crashes.


Develop your unique body of work, each goal synergizing the next: your life as total art!

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Real-world results from Purposeful Goals:

Kathleen Wiley

  The more specific and concise my goals/intentions, the more I can access the energies within them to act. It's as if they carry me.   

Kathleen Wiley

North Carolina

Aurelia Green

  My current intention is to get pieces to a higher level of proficiency. In the past, I go through learning a piece and then abandon it and move on to the next one without polishing it. Even though my favorite thing is the thrill of a new piece, I need to discipline myself to really learn the pieces and take them to performance level. I find that when I play a song that I truly know and have also memorized, I can lose myself in the music. It is very enjoyable, because only then can we fully express our soul through the music!   

Aurelia Green


Nanci Moll

  You can play for pure enjoyment and fulfillment. I’ve never performed nor do I feel compelled to. I just want to learn and create music. I look back at where I came from and truly it astounds me. And that alone is worth my time. Take heart and take chances and be kind to yourself.   

Nanci Moll


Setting Purposeful Creative Goals: so easy!

Unfinished dream projects feel like you’re wading through molasses.
So won't changing course take massive effort?

Often, all that’s needed to make your dream projects real is a reframe!

And that’s exactly what you’ll do during our Workshop.

You'll deep dive into your why for creating (it’s already inside you!), opening the floodgates of your creative flow.

This workshops series is focused on implementation - not just ideas - you'll come away with exciting, tangible creative goals.


My Bright Way System has helped thousands of creatives reach their full potential. This proven framework empowers you to set purposeful goals you were born to manifest!

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Kathleen Wiley

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