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Join our private circle of harpists: reawaken your creativity & confidence!

The Circle: a real community helping you grow your motivation, skill & belief in yourself as a harpist


The Circle is Open!


Join our Circle monthly
Join annually (2 months free + one private lesson with Dr. Diana!)

Circle format: what you receive as a member



Access all Bright Way System trainings (video/audio/PDF) immediately and work at your own pace with no stress and much joy. Gain progress in both your artistry and skill as a harpist with these trainings.

Montly Q and A

Monthly online Live 2-hour Q&A-workshop: work through our trainings in real-time, with real exercises (recording available after). Get answers to your questions and ensure you don't wind up at dead-ends.

Private group

24/7 Private Groupyou are not alone on your journey. Bring your comments, questions, and experiences to our secret, not-findable-anywhere group. Gain our encouragement daily in a safe space. Having space to experiment makes all the difference between progress and getting stuck.

Live meeting

! LIVE Circle meetings 7 times/week! Each meeting has a different focus: pick and choose what works best for you right now. Every day there's something new to discover, accelerating your journey in a delightful way. One of our most popular Circle features!

Gentle practice plan

Gentle Practice Plan Challenge: share your Plan with us and get 1-1 feedback from Dr. Diana! Your Plan is key to achieving your creative dreams, so take advantage of this game-changing feature.

Harp buddy program

Harp Buddy program: get paired with another Circle member with complementary goals so that you can encourage each other. Left on our own, we might not practice as much as we'd like to. Get loving accountability and feel great about your practice right here!

And more!

and more! Circle-only retreats on harp topics, workshops, worksheets, templates, training opportunities, collaborations, getting your music featured, the list goes on...

Important notice!

Please cherry-pick what fits your journey right now. Our Circle has gained many facets over years, since we each express and create differently and need different kinds of support. Focus on what you need right now in our Circle, don’t worry about doing “everything.” This in itself is a great creative lesson!

Recent member results:

• having their best practice session EVER in 15 years of playing

• coming into a performance feeling frazzled by the burdens of these times
and absolutely nailing it

• breaking through creative block and finally hearing plus writing down the song that's been trying to come through for years

• improvising for friends and family for the first time ever and discovering 2 hours flew by while everyone (themselves included) was enchanted

breaking out of a serious 5-year slump and feeling joyously motivated for 2022

...and we have so many more stories like this!
Will yours be next?

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"Hands down the part I like best about the Circle is being able to proceed at my own pace without pressure from others. With my current medical concerns, I'm afraid strict deadlines might have forced me to drop out.

I love the informative lessons, the community of harpists that are so willing to share their knowledge and music, and the inspiration and encouragement I feel as I move through the Circle. I also appreciate being able to print out the topics so I can review them as needed. The course is very well organized and the team is so responsive." 

Marti R., Colorado USA

Join our Circle monthly
Join annually (2 months free + one private lesson with Dr. Diana!)

Our members say it best:
what results can you achieve in our Circle?


   At a certain moment here, you realize that you feel more in harmony with yourself, with your creative life, with balancing the creative life and the so-called everyday life.   

Alla K.

   For many years I wasn't able to play the piano. For me, it was always an instrument that I could play only set pieces. I couldn't improvise with the piano. I couldn't accompany myself while singing. And suddenly, I was very surprised to discover this inner urge to return to the instrument, to try and improvise, to sing with it! My first reconnection with it was pure joy and delight. This happens because you are constantly in the Circle, in the creative community that helps you to loosen those knots very naturally and effortlessly so you don't have to push yourself. At some point, the miracle happens! And I believe that it happens because you live as part of the community and you and your creative life are not separated.   

   University trained me to understand music theory and harmony, to sing well. But it didn't give me the community I was looking for or the continuity of how to continue to practice, how to continue to perform, and how to be confident and happy while you're doing it, as well as a community to collaborate with. That's what the Harp Circle has given me.   

Olivia W.


   I began the lever Harp in 2019, but I'd already been a professional singer for many, many years and was looking for a bit of a change in my musical life. I have found the Bright Way Circle to be very, very welcoming, and I am just completing my first full circle moment. When I began the Harp Circle in 2019, I began composing a series of music to go with an art exhibit, and our exhibit is finally being put on this year after many years wait! The Harp Circle was immensely important in this for me, as I was able to send my compositions to other members, ask for feedback from Diana, and work on a practice plan that worked for me. And this is all coming at it as someone who had been in university for music. I found that university trained me to understand music theory and harmony, to sing well. But it didn't give me the community I was looking for or the continuity of how to continue to practice, how to continue to perform, and how to be confident and happy while you're doing it, as well as a community to collaborate with. And that's what the Harp Circle has given me. It's been really nice to have friends to bounce ideas off of, as well as to offer insights of my own. Diana's trainings just keep me going, as I need a little push every now and then. So I wish you well, and happy harping!   

Your membership also gives you these bonuses:


CEUs (continuing education units)

Membership in our Circle grants you CEUs for the leading healing harp organizations.

Benefit from Circle teachings, our dynamic Community, and take care of often-costly CEUs in one fell swoop, at no extra cost!

Facebook group

Co-practice sessions!

Practicing alone can feel demotivating and stressful.

Instead, practice in real-time with other Circle members on our private Zoom link!

2 sessions/week to choose from. Just log on, share your intention for your practice session, and start playing! Mics are off, and even cameras off if desired. Members have found they stay more focused, practice what they really intend to (rather than wander off) and make outstanding progress this way. Join us and experience your practice progress blossom!

Diana Rowan

Annual members: 1-1 session with Diana

Annual members are invited to schedule a complimentary private consultation with Diana for deeply personalized feedback and insight on your path. This can set you up for quantum leaps on your creative journey!

The Circle is Open!


Join our Circle monthly
Join annually (2 months free + one private lesson with Dr. Diana!)
Transform from  being stuck & demoralized

Are you harping from the outside-in instead of flowing with your harp?

I understand!
I abandoned music and didn't play a single note for years.

Even before that, I'd rather slam my hand in the doorjamb than perform.
Lessons had become stressful, with me secretly whispering "I'm not good enough" the whole time.
My worst fear? That I didn't have "it" - so-called Talent.

Now I'm a full-time musician, author and teacher, living my creative life to the full.

What happened to all those fears I had?

Now I know those fears were illusions (but they felt totally real at the time!)

I've moved past my fears, living my best creative life today -
and so can you!

Why do I believe you can reclaim your creative inspiration and confidence?

I've witnessed hundreds of our Circle members become creatively reborn:
practicing with joy,
performing with confidence,
winning grants,
making videos,

and so much more.

The secret to sustainable creativity: Dedicated Community

The best way to regain your creativity is through a community 
of harpists who actually live the creative life.

In our Circle you gain access hours of live interaction and support EVERY WEEK,
all grounded in the proven Bright Way System.

For a fraction of what it would cost to hire a private coach
and the decades it would take to grow such a community

our Circle provides the support you need.
All while honoring your unique, real-life journey.

Find creative sanctuary in our Circle

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Results have been phenomenal. I have been motivated to daily practice, which in turn has given me confidence. My husband and daughters just say "WOW"! Nothing compares to what you get from Bright Way Harp Circle."

Sally C., Wisconsin USA

The 2 sides of our Circle: System & Community
...much more than just a membership!

1. Learn to Free the Creative Within

Learn the proven (now 5-star published book!) Bright Way System: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within

Fire up your creativity, fall in love with harping again and reclaim the powerful magic you already possess.



"I happened to look at back at the intro I wrote when I first joined the Circle. This was my reason for signing up: "I want to reconnect with my harp. Learn music more easily & quickly. Renew inspiration to play." At the time I wasn't sure any of that was possible.

Now here I am and I'm amazed how far I've come on this journey. I've exceeded my original intentions and I did not get here by doing everything or doing things perfectly.”

Lori F., Colorado USA

2. Navigate

Navigate these crazy times with our Community of kindred spirits

Genuine connection whether you're an introvert, extrovert, or in-between! Gain from multiple perspectives on the same topic, grow your circle of harp friends, and feel truly seen and supported.


"I feel the Circle is a deep well from which to draw and go ever deeper over time." 
Chris P., Georgia USA

Bright Way founder Dr. Diana Rowan

I was born in Ireland and started music at age 8 with piano, then harp. Although I performed worldwide to much outward success, I secretly suffered crippling performance anxiety. This terrible fear made me quit music - the heart of my creative life - for years.

But I missed music so much! Somehow I had to reclaim my musical voice, or an unfulfilled life awaited. Thus began an epic journey with many twists and turns. 

This path became The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within, which I'm honored to share with you today:

Diana Rowan

The Bright Way:

  •  reconnects you with your deepest reasons for creating
  • uses joy (not fear) to skill-build
  • empowers you to share your creativity with courage
  • cultivates meaningful community with you: a safe, supported crucible for your creativity

I hold a PhD in Music Theory (world harp techniques for composers) and a Master of Music (classical piano performance). I compose, teach, write, perform, and research creativity obsessively.


   Diana makes you feel special. She listens to what you have to say. She'll bring something back when you need reminding of what you did or that was really good. That really makes a difference. She remembers and helps you to see and move forward with your creativity.   

Esme B.

   Diana makes you feel special. She makes you feel like you really count. She listens to what you have to say, and she remembers it and she'll bring something back. When you need reminding of something that you did or that was really good. And that really made a difference. She remembers those things and brings them up and helps you to see and move forward with your creativity. If you're looking to unblock the creative, I think I would've given up on those cards a long time ago if I hadn't been really working with her through that. Because I felt like maybe I'm too old, maybe it's too long, ah, you know, it's not gonna work... But, you know, our little weekly get-togethers and just speaking with her and with the group as well, and also in the Bright Way Harp Circle, she's always so encouraging. It doesn't matter how old you are, how young you are, or what you want to create. She's there to help you do it.   

   Diana continues to bring a fresh approach to how to move with things that could become very mundane and monotonous. Practicing her system shifts the relationship so that instead of playing being a 'should' or a 'must' do, it becomes a WANT to.   

Kathleen W.


   Although in other areas of my life, I have always been very clear about my purpose and connection to my heart, for some reason, that was missing with my harp. In working with Diana through the Bright Way Circle, as well as some one-on-one sessions and the material in her book, I was able to connect my heart and center to my harp playing in a way that had been missing. It is the key for me now, and coming to the harp with the same sense of presence that I move in all other areas of my life with this is a tremendous gift. When we can connect our heart and our center to any area of our life, then our own essence and energy flow into that endeavor in ways that our ego could never orchestrate on its own. I find that Diana continues to bring a fresh approach to how to move with things that could become very mundane and monotonous. Practicing her system, connecting your practice to your values and to your intentions and to your purpose shifts the relationship so that instead of it being a 'should' or a 'must' do, it becomes a WANT to.   


   Diana has been able to see things in me that I couldn't see in myself...she told me she could really see me composing, and I didn't see that at all. Several years later, that's exactly what I've been doing!   

Kathy K.

   Diana has been able to see things in me that I couldn't see in myself. So for instance, she told me several years ago that she could really see me composing, and I didn't see that at all. And several years later, that's exactly what I've dabbled in doing. I've created some arrangements and now I'm sort of thinking about writing my own song from scratch. And if she hadn't encouraged me in that, I'm not sure that I would have gone there. As my journey with her gets deeper, we're honing in more and more on what's really my, what's really my purpose, my vision for using this music that I can make, and how to make that work in my life. And again, she's able to help me to envision where I can put my skills best. And the whole process is fascinating and fun!   

Imagine yourself:
playing harp with passion,
expressing yourself with joy and power,
sharing your music with friends, family and beyond,
cheered on by a heart-centered community of creative harpists!


The Circle is Open!


Join our Circle monthly
Join annually (2 months free + one private lesson with Dr. Diana!)

What else do Circle Members say?

Margie B.

What is the program like?

I find the trainings beautifully organized and to the point. What fascinates me is the way that almost all of the questions that are asked can be answered within the context of the 5 Steps and 5 Essential Elements of BWS. While I embrace a certain artistic temperament, I still like to have tables, charts, and circles (in particular!) in which to organize information."

Margie B. - Vermont, USA
Janet D.

What is the value of the circle?

“I have a habit of signing up for something, then regretting it, or not using it, but still getting charged forever. With BWHC, I have gotten way more than I ever imagined. I have improved skills, gotten more disciplined about practice, reached goals instead of reaching for goals.

Janet D. - Florida, USA
Sally C.

What kind of results can you expect to see?

“I feel so excited and invigorated. BWHC gives me a lot of impetus and support and hope!

Suni Smith, Hawaii USA
Helen M.

What specific goals have you achieved?

"-Professional development in a broad range of musical skills with a harp focus.
-A greater focus on goals in teaching, performing and community work.
-Consolidation of harp resources including music and harps.
-Harp friends worldwide."

Helen M. - Australia

Diving deep into her artistry, with arrangements and compositions that sing with expression

(in Spanish)
Our System: a gentle, spiritual yet practical approach to living creatively every day.
Our Community: a sanctuary of kindred spirits gathered from all over the world, sharing our vision of deep creativity and shining with confidence

Is ​Our Circle Right For You?

Ideally, we would love everyone join us.
However, please check below to see if we're a good fit for you:

Who is the Circle for?
You'll love our Circle if

  • you want to play with greater expression & creativity

  • you want to connect to your unique creative voice & message

  • you want to make progress & stay motivated

  • you who want to stay inspired long-term

  • you want to perform with confidence, joy & power

  • you desire true creative community where relationships are real

Who the Circle is not for

  • If you know a little about hand placement and some chords, you're good to go - but if you're a total beginner, for hand health reasons we recommend some sessions with a 1-1 teacher for basic technique brush-up. 

  • If you want strict instruction rather than an inspired, collaborative system and community, the Circle is not a fit.

  • Our Circle is founded in trust, mutual respect and sacred reciprocity. This culture, lovingly developed going on 8 years, helps our members feel safe and strong so that they create authentically. Therefore, harpists who are competitive rather than collaborative are not a fit for our Circle.

Breakthroughs you can expect as a Circle member:

Kristen R.

"I wasn't sure if it would be worth the time, effort, and money.  I thought about it the first round and decided against it - after all, there are thousands of online training programs - but by the time the second round came around, I knew I needed a shot in the arm with harp and also my other endeavors. I had had more experience with Diana as a teacher/online mentor, and felt that the value would be there. But honestly, the fact that Diana said it would apply to other areas of life was probably what pushed me to take the plunge.
I have resumed regular practice and clarified my sense of Purpose. Practice is more focused and purposeful and as a result I'm a better player!"


"I was concerned whether the program would be a good fit for me. It was difficult to envision what is "included/offered" because BKHC is more abstract than say a 6-week course on learning to count. Also, could I be disciplined enough for self-paced? Of course, cost is always a consideration, but when considered as an investment in me it really is minimal.
My results have included building courage to reach beyond my greatest fears. Im putting the focus on my purpose and able to make guilt-free decisions that are in keeping with it. Im looking at music from a different point of view. Not just dots on a page to be played. I love, love, love the community, discussions and sharing of information, plus being able to put the learning process in order.”

BKHC provides direction, encouragement and a solid foundation to build upon.”


Here is my experience this afternoon when performing: I had a bit of nerves at the beginning and kept reminding myself of my Purpose in my mind was wonderful! I felt so good that I stopped by a retirement residence I wanted to visit and played for them as well. They loved it and asked me back! Self-trust, yes, pure love and divine energy!”

   Not only am I inspired to be creating as I am now, I also know that new growth is going to happen in the future!   

Kathy R.


   The spiraling nature of the learning, coming back to the same step, but from a new perspective, is pure gold. There's always a new insight to be gleaned. I have found that Module trainings are so inspiring for my journey. So not only am I inspired to be creating as I am now, I also know that new growth is going to happen in the future. And I'm not sure exactly what that will look like right now, but I know it's going to be interesting and rewarding. I know that I will have community with me that will inspire me and encourage me and pique my interest in ways I cannot imagine right now. And even though it sounds like ever new ideas, the feeling is always, oh yes, this has been waiting for me all along. The new ideas are always in reality, homecomings.   


   BWHC gave me the freedom to do and say whatever I want. I'm much more fulfilled and I'm a much happier person.   

Masayo H.

   I now compose some music in my own style and it's a surprising thing for me. Diana asked me one day to make an eight-second composition for Virtual Harp Summit...I didn't even know how to begin, but I did something! So that was the beginning of all. I'm making music of my own and, and I record and I put it up on YouTube, and that's a fun process. And another thing is that it gave me assurance that I can talk, videotape myself and talk on video. This is something I have never thought of doing several years ago! BWHC gave me the freedom to do this and say whatever I want. So through this, the music, I'm much more fulfilled and I think because of it I'm a much happier person.   

   I thought at the beginning: maybe I'm too old to learn harp? But I learned you're never too old to learn, and you should always have a beginner's mind! My Fulfillment now is that I play my harp for others, I play for nursing homes, for senior citizens, for assisted living, and for senior living. It's really brought so much joy and peace not only to their lives but to mine also.   

Susan R.


   I joined Bright Way Harp Circle and things started to flourish. I started to have a different appreciation for my harp. It wasn't so much that it was just to play music, but it was to connect with people and also to feel it in my spirit and to feel it in my soul...That's our sacred reciprocity that we talk about. Also, that the act of creation comes from within, and I really believe that. The spirit that the Bright Way Harp Circle and Diana Rowan give to us that's very, very important. She motivates us to find joy in building our skills, the courage to share those skills with others, which now I have.   

Want to chat with me 1-1 to explore if the Circle is right for you?


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