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Results have been phenomenal. I have been motivated to daily practice, which in turn has given me confidence. My husband and daughters just say "WOW"! Nothing compares to what you get from BKHC."

Sally C., Wisconsin USA

How our Circle Works

1. Learn

Learn the proven Bright Way System: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within

You are naturally creative! Our System reveals the magic you already possess.



"I happened to look at back at the intro I wrote when I first joined BKHC. This was my reason for signing up: "I want to reconnect with my harp. Learn music more easily & quickly. Renew inspiration to play." At the time I wasn't sure any of that was possible.

Now here I am and I'm amazed how far I've come on this journey. I've exceeded my original intentions and I did not get here by doing everything or doing things perfectly.”

Lori F., Colorado USA

2. Navigate

Navigate these crazy times with our Community of kindred spirits

Genuine connection whether you're in introvert, extrovert, or in-between!


"I feel BKS is a deep well from which to draw and go ever deeper over time." 
Chris P., Georgia USA

Our members say it best: what results can you achieve in our Circle?


Kathy from Kentucky shares how the Circle has finally helped her reconcile her callings as a visual artist, a musician and a harp builder. She now feels clear and energized rather than pulled in too many directions.

Wendolyn from California shares how the Circle has helped her gain clarity about her artistic vision and regain her confidence to share and perform. She particularly appreciates our safe, deep and inspiring Community as a source of true support.


Olivia from Canada shares how the Circle inspired her to take up composition after many years as a professional performer. In short order she received an arts grant and just recorded her first CD of compositions! Olivia also uses Circle approaches in her teaching studio with great success.

Carol from Texas shares how the Circle gives her feedback and different perspectives, melding practical help with artistic inspiration. This helps her stay motivated and joyful, even in these times.


Diane from Australia shares how the Circle approach is actually a way of approaching life as a whole, and that others around her are noticing she is more happy, productive and fulfilled in general, besides moving ahead beautifully in her harping. 

Lorinda from Kentucky shares how the Circle has helped her recover from burnout. A professional musician and music therapist, she now has a slew of exciting new projects she’s working on, and reinvigorated vision. No retiring yet!


Margie from Vermont shares how the Circle has helped her dive deep into her artistry, and now her arrangements and compositions sing with expression. 

Diamond from Australia shares how our Community supports her musical journey, giving inspiring, accountability, learning and just plain camaraderie in challenging times.


Maria Emilia (in Spanish) from Argentina shares how the Circle is a gentle, spiritual yet practical approach to living a creative life every day. She finds our Community to be a sanctuary, with kindred spirits gathered fro all over the world with a vision to tap into their deepest creativity and share it with confidence.

Circle format: the details


Bright Way System trainings totaling ~30 minutes/month via video/audio/PDF to suit all learning styles (all archived so that you can work at your own pace).

Monthly Live Q&A on Zoom. Diana & the Circle Community workshop in real time (recording available after)

24/7 Dynamic Private Groupyou are not alone on your journey. Our trusted community understands. We are generous and kind in sharing our experiences with each other. This is a safe space. Bring your comments, questions, and experiences to our group and benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience, feedback, insight, and support we offer daily.

Open House Hours every Monday 4-8pm Pacific on Zoom: play for each other, share performance and practice tips and feedback

Kitchen Table Chat every Wednesday 10-11am Pacific on Zoom: open forum for sharing the highs and lows of the daily creative journey

Harp Buddy program: get paired with another Circle member with complimentary goals so that you can encourage each other

and more! The Practice Plan Challenge, special pop-up workshops, inline retreats, the list goes on...

Please cherry-pick what fits your journey right now. The Circle has many elements, because we all express and create differently, and enjoy different kinds of support. This is a beautiful thing! Focus on what you need right now in our Circle, don’t worry about doing “everything.” This in itself is a great creative lesson!

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"Hands down the part I like best about BKHC is being able to proceed at my own pace without pressure from others. With my current medical concerns, I'm afraid strict deadlines might have forced me to drop out.

I love the informative lessons, the community of harpists that are so willing to share their knowledge and music, and the inspiration and encouragement I feel as I move through the Circle. I also appreciate being able to print out the topics so I can review them as needed. The course is very well organized and the team is so responsive." 

Marti R., Colorado USA

Your membership also gives you these bonuses:


CEUs (continuing education units)

Membership in our Circle grants you CEUs for the leading healing harp organizations. Benefit from Circle teachings, our dynamic Community and take care of your CEUs in one place.

Facebook group

Access to our Secret Facebook Group

You are not alone on your journey. Our trusted, dynamic community of harpists understands. We are generous and kind in sharing our experiences with each other. This is a safe space. Bring your comments, questions, and experiences to our Group and benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience, feedback, insight, and support we offer daily.

Diana Rowan

For annual members: 1-1 session with Diana

Have a private conversation with Diana for deeply personalized feedback and insight on your path.

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What else do Circle Members say?

Margie B.

What is the program like?

“I find the trainings beautifully organized and to the point. What fascinates me is the way that almost all of the questions that are asked can be answered within the context of the 5 Steps and 5 Essential Elements of BKS. While I embrace a certain artistic temperament, I still like to have tables, charts, and circles (in particular!) in which to organize information."

Margie B. - Vermont, USA
Janet D.

What is the value of the circle?

“I have a habit of signing up for something, then regretting it, or not using it, but still getting charged forever. With BKHC, I have gotten way more than I ever imagined. I have improved skills, gotten more disciplined about practice, reached goals instead of reaching for goals." 

Janet D. - Florida, USA
Sally C.

What kind of results can you expect to see?

“I feel so excited and invigorated. BKHC gives me a lot of impetus and support and hope!”

Suni Smith, Hawaii USA
Helen M.

What specific goals have you achieved?

"-Professional development in a broad range of musical skills with a harp focus.
-A greater focus on goals in teaching, performing and community work.
-Consolidation of harp resources including music and harps.
-Harp friends worldwide."

Helen M. - Australia

​Your ​Guide: Dr. Diana Rowan

Irish-born Diana Rowan began music at age 8, first with piano and then harp. Although she performed worldwide to much success, she secretly suffered crippling performance anxiety. This terrible fear caused her to quit music - the heart of her creative life - literally for years.

Struggling to reclaim her musical voice began an epic journey with many twists and turns. Thus Diana developed the Bright Way System, now the rave-review book The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within (New World Library, which publishes Tolle’s The Power of Now, Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell, amongst others).

The Bright Way System:

  •  reconnects you with your deepest reasons for creating
  • uses joy (not fear) to skill-build
  • empowers you to share your creativity with courage
  • cultivates meaningful community with you, offering you a safe, supported crucible for your creativity

Diana holds a PhD in Music Theory and a Master of Music degree. She appears on many recordings, composes, teaches, writes, performs and researches constantly. Diana lives in Berkeley CA, home of the Free Speech Movement and its own element, berkelium.


Diana Rowan

Is ​Our Circle Right For You?

Ideally, we would love everyone join us. However, please check below to see if this program is a good fit for you:

Who is the Circle for?

  • Musicians of all levels and genres 
  • Musicians who want to learn the proven System for practice progress, performance confidence and sustainable creativity
  • Musicians seeking engagement in a true Community

Who the Circle is not for (yet!)

  • Brand new musicians who don't currently have a teacher. We  want you to have healthy technique from the start because injuries happen without proper technique. You're a beginning musician and already have a teacher? Welcome to our Circle!

Breakthroughs you can expect as a Circle member:

Kristen R.

"I wasn't sure if it would be worth the time, effort, and money.  I thought about it the first round and decided against it - after all, there are thousands of online training programs - but by the time the second round came around, I knew I needed a shot in the arm with harp and also my other endeavors. I had had more experience with Diana as a teacher/online mentor, and felt that the value would be there. But honestly, the fact that Diana said it would apply to other areas of life was probably what pushed me to take the plunge.
I have resumed regular practice and clarified my sense of Purpose. Practice is more focused and purposeful and as a result I'm a better player!"


"I was concerned whether the program would be a good fit for me. It was difficult to envision what is "included/offered" because BKHC is more abstract than say a 6-week course on learning to count. Also, could I be disciplined enough for self-paced? Of course, cost is always a consideration, but when considered as an investment in me it really is minimal.
My results have included building courage to reach beyond my greatest fears. Im putting the focus on my purpose and able to make guilt-free decisions that are in keeping with it. Im looking at music from a different point of view. Not just dots on a page to be played. I love, love, love the community, discussions and sharing of information, plus being able to put the learning process in order.”

BKHC provides direction, encouragement and a solid foundation to build upon.”


Here is my experience this afternoon when performing: I had a bit of nerves at the beginning and kept reminding myself of my Purpose in my mind was wonderful! I felt so good that I stopped by a retirement residence I wanted to visit and played for them as well. They loved it and asked me back! Self-trust, yes, pure love and divine energy!”


​(email [email protected] if your question isn't covered)

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