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  Excerpt from Page 62:

Unlike the piano, the harp continues to change quite significantly as it is increasingly asked to meet the demands of many different musical genres.   

Chapter 7

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  Excerpt from Page 20:

When we imagine Middle Eastern music, I feel two main elements spring to mind: evocative, unusual scales and powerful rhythms. For this Treasury, we’ll focus on these two elements as the most fruitful for our harping, along with additional ideas to help you improvise (another key feature of Middle Eastern music.)    


Chapter 2: Middle Eastern Harp Techniques

  Excerpt from Page 33:

Harps were brought to Asia via trade routes from Persia and India, although no doubt some form of harp also cropped up indigenously. Again, because harps tend to disintegrate easily, we often don’t have good records of their existence except from wealthy practitioners who could afford to immortalize their harps in stone, metal and other expensive, durable materials.   


Chapter 4: Asian Harp Techniques

  Excerpt from Page 37:

Over the years I’ve been surprised to find people across all boundaries of age, culture and background are strongly moved by Celtic music. I feel this is partly because Celtic music has absorbed so many features of other genres, plus it has a very clear emotional and rhythmic intent. In some ways you’ll find Celtic/early European music less sophisticated than, say, Indian music, yet on the other hand, its direct appeal to our soul is priceless.   


Chapter 5: Celtic/Early European Harp Techniques

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