9 Songs For Harp

Selections from the albums Panta Rhei & The Bright Knowledge

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Ravishingly beautiful music, expressing the full power of the harp. Influenced by classical and world music techniques, you’ll find dynamic, creative songs here. 

Add to your repertoire, give your students new perspective, or simply study these scores to stoke your inspiration! 

Intermediate to advanced level, suitable for lever and pedal harp, as well as arranging for multiple instruments and even voice.You can hear most of these pieces on Diana’s albums Panta Rhei and The Bright Knowledge


1. When I Open My Eyes 
2. The Belfast Set 
3. La Rosa Enflorece 
4. Tidal 
5. Spellbound 
6. Hijaz Ilahi
7. The Rhapsodist
8. Live Without Thought of Dying
9. Warp & Weft