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You're a creative: art is central to your life.

Yet unlocking your creative flow feels stuck. 

You can free the creative within, starting now!

The Bright Way, a proven system to:

break the fear-judgment-block cycle and free your creative flow
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Harpists Enter Here

Anytime we put fingers on strings, we create. We dream of songs in our hearts and minds, tap our fingers while we walk along, and thrill when we meet kindred spirits. That’s why I want to share The Bright Way with harpists from aspiring to pro; I want to help you express the vast well of creativity inside you via our beloved instrument. Together we can build a musical practice - a musical lifestyle - that inspires and keeps you motivated, builds your creative community, improves your technique so that you play with flow, and so much more.

Yes, I want to play with expression & flow!
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We all have an innate creative flow just waiting to be accessed. Whether we're artists, writers, gardeners, parents, or simply really excellent daydreamers, every one of us shows creativity when we put our whole selves into the acts that pull at our heart-strings. The Bright Way is my pathway to that well of creative energy, and today I want to share it with you. Together, I believe we can surmount creative blocks, and move away from any negative headspace surrounding our creative flow—whatever our passions and dreams. Creative flow is our natural state as humans - let's regain it!

Yes, I want to create to my full potential!

Why I wrote The Bright Way


I walk onstage to play. The sounds, lights, even the air all begin to rise and come close. Then, suddenly, it seems I can hear a pin drop. All senses align and channel into my playing. 

For many of us, tapping into our creativity looks like this. We feel aligned, whole, and connected. We lose track of what may have been weighing us down. We feel fulfilled. In these moments, I know we are all born to be creative and in fact, it is our destiny to be creative. 

Yet, there was a time when I would do anything to avoid the stage - and my creative life - out of fear, anxiety, and creative block. Like me, you may have faced (or are facing) a period in your life where you feel divorced from your internal, creative flow.


Can we overcome these fears? Yes! This is why I wrote The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within. I share my journey from creative paralysis to creative flow, teaching you a pathway that has helped me and countless others reclaim our creativity, reignite our passion, and discover our true purpose in life.

Truly, I believe the more we are our true selves, the more the world benefits, and I hope to benefit you with what I’ve learned along the bright way!

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Bright Way

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The simple, powerful system for reclaiming your creativity and living it in real life, all in one gorgeous handbook! 

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Bright Way Harp Circle

Regain your Flow!

A private membership for harpists desiring to create to their full potential.

Harp Circle open through Jan 22
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Bright Way Guild

Life as Total Art

Courses and other powerful resources to help your creativity grow, based on the proven Bright Way System. 

To my creative flow!
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Bright Way Music

Listen & Enjoy

Music that moves between worlds, inspiring you to access your deepest creativity! Check out Diana’s music.


Work with me to free your creativity

When we separate ourselves from our creativity drive, we stall. Often, we don’t know how to get out of this rut—we simply know there’s a problem in need of attention. 

If this sounds familiar, I want to work with you. 
I am a student of The Bright Way as well as its creator, so I know how scary it feels like to lose our connection with the world around us. That’s why I’ve built a creativity ecosystem that nurtures your creativity in five key ways: through Inspiration, Artistry, Technique, Learning, and Community. When pursued as a whole (not hundreds of rules) these aspects of our creativity blend to erase fears and doubts, and ultimately ease the path to realizing our true Purpose.

Diana Rowan Harping

When I work with passionate creatives like yourself, I provide almost limitless opportunities for creative engagement. From summits, to group sessions, to mini-retreats and assigned reading materials, you’ll find support on all sides as you work through potential negative headspaces surrounding your own creative mindset. You’ll also discover your own path to acting on your unique genius, wherever it crops up. I truly can’t wait to see what we discover about each other along the way, and look forward to meeting you soon. 

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About Diana Rowan

Diana Rowan About

I was not always a full-time creative. Although I started playing music young and performed worldwide, a terrible fear within made me quit my beloved music. Many musical tools were at my disposal - Ph.D. in Music Theory, Master’s of Music, years of experience - yet I was laid low by intense performance anxiety. 

This is a common - yet secret - story for many creatives. I didn't have words for it (or a guide) to help me, but now I know the root of my fears was: losing touch with my inspiration.

Getting to this root cause was a long and scary journey, yet I had no choice: reclaim music or risk living an unfulfilled life. 

Today, I’ve reclaimed my creative voice, and teach others to do the same (without the arduous trek I had to endure.) I'm honored to share my simple and powerful The Bright Way System: join me in igniting our passions and living our Purpose every day. 

"This is a book which can take you on a voyage of discovery to places within yourself you did not think possible, even transforming the way you approach the creative act of life itself."

Alice Giles World-Renowed Harpist



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