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As a creative, your art is your lifeblood.

But sometimes creative flow gets stuck -
are you shining to your full potential?


You can free your unique creative spirit, now!

The proven Bright Way System is here to help you
release creative fears...

... and regain your creative flow


5 Steps to Freeing the Creative Within

The concert finishes, the house lights blaze, and applause rings out. I take a bow happily and bound off the stage to meet my audience.
And it happens, as always; among the people surrounding me, several approach with a particular shyness I’ve come to recognize.


They hail from all walks of life, yet they share a deeply hidden desire. Sometimes they know my dramatic story of severe performance anxiety and how I finally managed to recover from it.


Others know me only as a performer, composer, writer, and teacher and generously assume that I’ve always had confidence and motivation.

Either way, there are two things they probably don’t know: the vast potential they hold inside themselves, and how much their story is my story.

In peak moments of creativity, you feel aligned, whole, connected. Losing track of time and worries, you are fulfilled.

In these moments we've all been privy to (no matter how rarely), we remember that we're born creative.

It's our destiny to be creative, for life.

Yet, there was a time when I would do anything to avoid performing and being creative in general. Fear, anxiety, creative block, and other unnamed ghosts ruled me.

Maybe you have faced (or are facing) disconnection from your creative flow? It can feel scary and lonely. 
But you're not alone, and change can happen faster than you may have dreamed!

   Can I really overcome creative blocks and fears that feel so big?   

Yes! You can overcome blocks and fears - even huge ones! This is why I wrote The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within. I share my journey from creative paralysis to creative flow, showing you the pathway that helped me (and countless others you'll meet in our Bright Way communities) reclaim our creativity and reignite our passion. And even discover our life purpose! It all comes down to Purpose (but more on that later.)

Your creativity connects you to your true self.

The more we are our true selves, the more the world benefits. 
Reclaiming your innate creativity is the greatest adventure.

Let's get started: welcome to The Bright Way!

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Diana Rowan

My ultimate goal is for you to regain your creative voice, which I know is waiting right there inside you.

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Work with me to
free your creativity


When we loose touch with our creativity,
it can feel hard to rekindle it.

I'm a student of The Bright Way as well as its creator. I know how scary creative disconnection feels, and I personally use The Bright Way's 5 Steps to reconnect.

I offer multiple ways to work with soulful creatives like yourself. From summits and courses to memberships and mini-retreats, from books and training videos to music, my Bright Way Guild offers you an entire ecosystem of support.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!



  It was through a little bit of everyday magic that I became aware of Diana’s work, and after her book arrived I immediately began to read it. And it was very exciting because it turned out this was the missing link that I needed!   

Kathy Rees Johnson


  The great thing about Diana's approach is it can be applied both to your creative life and your personal life. It gives you the tools and skills to allow you to take steps towards achieving your goals.   

Diane Almond



I was not always a full-time creative.
It's a common - yet secret - story for many creatives.

Although I started playing music young and performed worldwide, terrible performance anxiety made me quit my beloved music, with no backup plan. I didn't have words for it (or a guide) to help me, but now I know the root of my fears was: forgetting my inspiration.

Getting to this root cause was a long and scary journey, yet I had no choice: reclaim music or risk living an unfulfilled life.

Today, I’ve reclaimed my creative voice, and teach others to do the same
(without the arduous trek I had to endure).

I'm honored to share my simple and powerful The Bright Way System:
join me in igniting our passions and living our Purpose every day!