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"This is a book which can take you on a voyage of discovery to places within yourself you did not think possible, even transforming the way you approach the creative act of life itself."

Alice Giles World-Renowed Harpist
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Kaia Alexander Holland Van Zandt

With spectacular clarity and insight, Diana Rowan compassionately guides you to your own personal performance and creativity breakthroughs. Artists often suffer in solitude. This illuminated manuscript presents a beautiful path to overcoming blocks and anxiety so that you can do what matters most: live your purpose, give your gifts and connect with others.

Cary Broussard

If you have ever felt stuck or unsure about sharing your creativity with the world, please read Diana's personal story of recovery and how she harnessed her fears by learning to share from her heart - as she puts it "hold up a mirror to your audience - so they too have a chance to reflect on themselves."  If you have any inkling of doubt about sharing your creative gifts with the world, Diana Rowan’s The Bright Way will guide you in fulfilling your creative purpose.

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