Unlock your FLOW:
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An invite-only creative community with guided weekly live meetings using the proven process for gaining inspiration & taking action

For artistic creatives from all walks of life who want to reset from blocked to flowing


Finally learn how to consistently access your creative flow so you:


Find inspiration and motivation at will and with ease rather than suffering through panic, force, or fear


Grow and use your creative energy for laser-focus in these crazy times


Reclaim your unique creative voice, the power behind all your creativity that you alone possess


New, unshakeable confidence encourages you to share your art with those who matter most. You have something important to say!

Reach your creative goals with the support of our 24/7 private community, short video trainings plus weekly live meetings!

"I am more confident in my playing; I feel much more true to my Purpose as an artist; I enjoy my playing so much more because I'm not constantly judging it. I feel so much freer to follow my intuition and play what resonates with my Soul."

โ” Andrea Greenfield


"“I’m very grateful for a rebirth of inspiration in my creative life!”

โ” Margie Bekoff


Do you hear an inner call to express yourself...but can't start? 

Does your intense desire feel like it's coming straight from your soul?

Perhaps your gut knows you have something important to share but your mind keeps tripping you up?

You’re not alone!

Many soulful, passionate artistic creatives feel blocked. Where that be onstage, or with paintbrush in hand, or staring at a blinking cursor...

You and I are creatives (let’s own that title with pride!) and the world looks to us for inspiration.

Yet we often harbor a strange secret...

...we don't know when or how our inspiration will strike again.

Creative inspiration can seem mysterious, even capricious.

Confused, we may wonder:

Do I have something worthwhile to share?

Is it safe to share in these crazy times?

How can I be inspired with weight on my mind and uncertainty in my heart?”  

Questions like these strangled my creativity - I abandoned music despite decades of dedication!

Yes, I didn't play a note for years. This, after preparing my entire life to be a musician, with no backup plan!

At my lowest moment, I'd rather slam my hand in the door than perform. 

Even lessons with my beloved teacher became a nightmare, with me secretly chanting "I'm not good enough" over and over.

Do these doubts haunt you too? If so, I absolutely relate to you, and...


Diana Rowan Creative Reset

I  reassure you that doubts, longings, and fears are positive signs:

They say: free your creativity now!

Start your Creative Reset Journey now

Yes, you’re called to be a CREATIVE!

Back in my blocked days, I secretly imagined living a creative life. I pictured myself feeling inspired every day, being in graceful flow, enjoying being alive and sharing all this beauty with a community of kind, like-minded souls.

But I had no idea how I’d get there. Or even if such a vision existed in real life. All routes I was aware of didn’t point there. They felt forced, harsh, even ugly, opposite to the flow I longed for!

And you know what? I was right about those routes not working. I know because I tried many: picturing the audience naked, pretending I'm in a bubble, practicing for 10K hours, keeping an iron grip on positive thinking (paradox!), running after that latest certification, seeking validation from outside sources, and on and on....

Here’s the truth:


...and worse, a piecemeal approach gets you further from your creative source!!

I've discovered a lot over 30+ years of performing, composing, studying, teaching, collaborating, writing my book, founding programs like Bright Way Creative Reset, Bright Way Harp Circle, Virtual Harp Summit, and more.

So I synthesized a new path.

This path lets me be a full-time musician, author, and teacher, living my creative life in a supportive community. 
This new path is what I share with you today.

Together on our Bright Way Creative Reset, you’ll learn a new way of accessing your creativity that lasts for a lifetime.

I’ve taught this path for many years, witnessing incredible transformations possible for you:

  practicing with joy instead of resentment

  performing/sharing work with confidence instead of fear

  winning grants, awards, kudos of all kinds and finally owning your worth

  making videos that touch those closest to you as well as huge audiences

 teaching with long-term enthusiasm instead of burnout

  creating a legacy of beauty and making your mark on our world

...and so much more.

Can you imagine what The Bright Way approach might do for you?


We’ll clear the clutter.

Get liberated from tired old notions like the '10k hours rule' (a complete misperception that the authors have disavowed) or the fixed-mindset that some people are talented and others aren’t.

Remember the dead-end routes I took? Perhaps you've tried them too? 

Change requires new perspectives: our weekly live meetings, video/audio trainings and workbook will open these new roads for you.

It’s not your fault if you believed those old ways!

I still see these “solutions” presented repeatedly. Super frustrating: they don't work AND you end up feeling bad about yourself. Then it’s a short hop to “I'm not talented” or “I’m not cut out for this.”

Which is so heartbreaking because YOU ARE NATURALLY CREATIVE!

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. During my search for The Bright Way, I looked beyond the usual “solutions” and asked: “Where are people making consistent breakthroughs and finding fulfillment?” I examined proven sources: the people getting results.

HOW did they get these results?

I plunged into philosophy, psychology, history, sports coaching, spiritual paths, bodywork, artforms, education modalities, healing modalities. I cast a wide net; drawing this net up, distinct themes emerged. These themes are now The Bright Way System!

We master these themes together in our Creative Reset.

So this is how and why I created The Bright Way.
The curtain pulled back, revealing a timeless method for living a creative life. I had to share this with the world!

Can you imagine living creatively every day? Where you’re inspired, excited to practice, looking forward to sharing your process with those who matter most to you? Even in these crazy times you CAN find fulfillment.

And the best thing is, your route to fulfillment is already inside you - it’s your creativity!

I invite you to start your Bright Way journey now…

The Bright Way Creative Reset

A program to free your creative flow: regain inspiration and follow through on your projects and goals

Now offered beyond just the music world! Master a new, reliable system for moving beyond blocks and fears to consistently feeling inspired, making progress, and having confidence to share your message with those who matter most to you.

When my Bright Way System was released by a major publishing house, people from many walks of life reached out to share powerful breakthroughs. Writers, teachers, engineers, homemakers...

It makes sense: The Bright Way is based on the universal principle that everyone is creative.

But people wanted to dive deeper. They wanted personal connection - Community! -  supporting them on their path.
That’s why I decided to transform the Bright Way book into the program I share with you today.

Start your Creative Reset Journey now

You’ll learn how to:


Define your unique Purpose:

the key to your special creative voice, the power behind everything you do!


Set goals that matter to you:

these exciting goals motivate you to finally follow through on your dreams


Design your creative time and space

so that you’re optimized to create consistently and with joy


Incorporate new practice/work methods

that actually move the needle so that you express yourself truly and see tangible progress


Master the secrets to unshakeable self-confidence, resilience, and joy


Connect and collaborate with kindred creatives through our private community and live meetings...

...and much, much more!

Meet your creative guide, award-winning musician and author

Dr. Diana Rowan, Ph.D.

Although I started music at a young age and performed worldwide to much outward success, I secretly suffered crippling performance anxiety. This terrible fear made me quit music - the heart of my creative life - for years. It’s an all too common secret story for we creatives, and we suffer in silence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

What I didn’t know at the time - because I didn’t have words for it (or an experienced guide to help me) - my fears came from forgetting my Inspiration.

The years passed. Despite being scared out of my wits, I knew I had to reclaim my musical voice or risk living an unfulfilled life forever. Thus began an epic journey with many twists and turns, culminating in my streamlined system The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within.

The Bright Way is the fruit of my doctorate in music and my 30+ years as a musician and artist mentor.

Today it’s my honor to teach hundreds of creatives
The Bright Way System:


reconnect with your deepest reasons for creating so that you create consistently for life


use joy (not fear) to skill-build so that your skills truly improve and stick


share your creativity with courage , seen by and contributing to your most beloved people


cultivate a safe, supportive creative sanctuary so that your creativity flows for a lifetime

Define Your Purpose

Our journey begins at Step 1: Define Your Purpose: your WHY

Your Purpose waits inside you. In all my decades of doing this work, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have a Purpose.

It’s surprisingly easy to get back in touch with your Purpose. You’ll learn the one simple practice that reconnects you to your Purpose quickly and deeply.
From this place of Purpose, your unique brand of creativity starts to shine so that choices and actions become easy.

Do you desire greater focus? Has your creativity been overtaken by others’ expectations and desires? Step 1 brings the CLARITY you need.

Set Your Intentions

Next, we take Step 2: Set Your Intentions: your HOW 

Without specific Intentions/Goals your Purpose remains a dream. Your unique Intentions make your Purpose come alive.

Together we’ll craft reachable-yet-thrilling goals that matter to you. 
Best of all, you’ll learn the secret between Intentions that motivate you vs. goals that don't.

Does time slip by without you achieving your goals? Perhaps you’re not even sure what your goals are? Step 2 helps you make true PRIORITIES so that your dreams finally come to life.

Set Your Intentions

It’s now time for Step 3: Create Your Practicum Plan: your WHAT 

You’ve identified your powerful Purpose (Step1). You’ve crafted Intentions (Step 2) that manifest your Purpose in our world.

Now it’s time to set up your action plan! Y
ou’ll access an exact template of action steps which you can customize infinitely.

No more hunting around in the dark: instead, you’ll have a real roadmap of specific actions that will truly move the needle for you.

Do you have beautiful dreams but way of actually achieving them? Step 3 is your BLUEPRINT for day-to-day actions that transform your dreams into reality.

Set Your Intentions

Step 4: Integration - your WHERE

It’s experimentation time! Learn to create freely, without judgment, fearlessly embracing mistakes as learning opportunities. 

Now you create on a whole new level. 

You’ll find your true learning style and f unique artistic voice. You’ll know what works for you, what brings you joy, and what fires you up for the long run.

Has your practice become dull, or worse, something you dread? Perhaps you put in the work but don’t see the results you’re hoping for? Step 4 shows you how to take ACTION for joyful progress.

All leading to...

Step 5:

Fulfillment - WHO you really are!

A great secret to creating consistently: you need to feel safe in order to create long-term.

The good news is, you can cultivate safety for yourself 
no matter what else is going on in the world around you!

Learn Fulfillment: self-esteem and unshakeable self-confidence become second-nature to you. 
I can’t wait to share it this is a truly life-changing step with you!


Yes, we come full circle. The beautiful cycle starts again, now on a deeper level. This is how the Bright Way works for a lifetime!


Practicing The Bright Way empowered me to become a FULL-TIME Creative!


Today, I hold a Ph.D. in Music Theory (world harp techniques for composers), a Master of Music (classical piano performance) and compose, teach, write, perform, and research creativity obsessively. Bright Way Guild, my online academy and community, brings out the unique creative voice within each of us in the bright knowledge that the more we are our true selves, the more the world benefits.

It’s been a long, hard road to get to this place. Now it’s thrilling to share my insights with you so that your journey feels far smoother and less rocky!

Start your Creative Reset Journey now

Who is The Bright Way Creative Reset for?


The Bright Way Creative Reset is for you if:

 You hear the creative call but don’t feel you’re living your full potential

 You’re stuck in a rut, lacking magic and mojo, wondering where your creative spark went

 You’ve had creative successes and breakthroughs and are ready to take your creativity to the next level

 You’ve had scary experiences and/or disappointments in the past and are afraid to get back on the horse

 You practice your art consistently, but progress happens at a snail’s pace

 You desire greater creative meaning so that your work has depth and power

 You feel like a hermit, lacking community who understands you, encourages you, or even notices what you do


 The Bright Way Creative Reset is NOT for you if:

 You aren’t open to experimenting with a new way of doing things

 You have a competitive vs. collaborative mindset - The Bright Way is based upon the belief we each have something beautiful and important to bring to the world, and when we act competitive, we snuff out each other’s light. Kindness is a key quality on The Bright Way!

 You aren’t willing to be kind and patient with yourself - negative self-talk greatly diminishes your success and narrows your opportunities. While we all have negative self-talk sometimes, on our journey you’ll be encouraged to let go of it, because it only holds you back. Imagine the freedom of being kind and patient with yourself!

Peek into Creative Reset experience:


At the beginning

You’ll receive an electronic copy of our handbook The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within. 

BONUS: members in North America also receive a hand-signed copy of the book mailed to your door!


Access our training library:

  • bite-sized training videos that you can watch on your own time, as often as you need
  • audio files that you can download and access even when you’re offline
  • transcripts so that you don’t miss a word!
  • Bright Way Diary: our workbook!


Weekly live meetings

  • The most powerful element in our Reset experience - getting together in real-time and delving into the deepest aspects of our creative journeys in a safe space.
  • Submit questions beforehand if you can’t make a live meeting. 
  • Calls will be recorded so that you can review at your leisure and get the most out of them. 
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the amazing creatives in our group!


Integration and Support

  • Access to our special private online forum, available 24/7.
  • Gain support, share triumphs and challenges, stay excited and motivated on our journey at any time.
  • Consider this your creative sanctuary as you delve deep into your deepest desires, long-forgotten dreams, and bright new horizons.

Additional questions about The Creative Reset and how it can personally help you?

Here are some common questions I receive:

More questions about how The Creative Reset will work for you?
Schedule your free 15-minute chat with me right here!

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My Dream for You!

What you feel, think, and believe shapes your destiny.

So let’s do this quick visualization for a joyously creative life:

Imagine being in touch with your inspiration every day, at will.

No matter what else is going on in the world, you remain in touch with your creative fire.

Your creative fuel - your inspiration - is available at will.

How does this feel?

Imagine being truly motivated and seeing progress consistently.

Picture knowing your priorities and what to do about them.
See yourself unconcerned about others’ expectations or judgments.

Imagine being in control of your own creative motivation.

What does that feel like?

Imagine yourself with unshakeable self-confidence.

You have faith in your creative voice, your style, your message, and you're excited to share your work with those who matter most to you.

Picture yourself turning away from performance anxiety, fear of public speaking, fear of sharing your work.

Take a moment to really feel into this confidence.

These results are what The Creative Reset is all about!

So go ahead and get in touch with me:

I can't wait to hear about your creative journey!


Click HERE to email me

When I see people step into their creativity,
I see them access their true power.

I have faith in the world - even in these times - because I know we can tap into the best parts of ourselves every day. 
And one of the very best ways to do that is through our creativity, which we can access right now!

Finally reclaim your inspiration, motivation, progress, and confidence in the creative voice waiting inside you!

Start your Creative Reset Journey now