Imagine having harp practice buddies & ongoing learning support…

right in your living room!

Now you can, with Harp Summit Circle:

Say goodbye to lonely harping! Keep your harp momentum flowing - no matter where you - are by joining our private community of harpists. You’ve experienced the power of harp community, and now you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime!

Special limited-time offer for Bright Way Harp Circle members:

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Did you know community support is the missing link to achieving harp goals?

People stick with practice literally 11X more when they have community!

Plus, it’s way more fun to be surrounded by like-minded, creative souls, yes?

Join us in Harp Summit Circle!

   Join us in Harp Summit Circle!

Harp Summit Circle is brand-new to the world, but I’ve dreamed of it for years. Now is the right time to share Harp Summit Circle. More than ever, I hear harpists longing for ongoing relationships, ongoing care, feedback and support. Not just quick hellos!

If you’ve been feeling frustrated by how hard it is to stay on track with your harping, you’re not alone - it’s near-impossible to stay motivated and flowing when you’re alone on your harp journey.

That’s why having a consistent, safe harp community is essential, and Harp Summit Circle is here to answer the call!

How can you access harp community straight from your home?


Co-practice sessions

2 times per week, join us on Zoom. We state our practice intentions, mute, and go for it! This approach has already been tested for several months in my private group Bright Way Harp Circle, and it’s a game-changer. Our dear members find they practice much more consistently, with more focus and joy, and make exponential progress. In their own words:

   I have much clearer focus and don’t get distracted away from my harp and harp time…I get great performance exposure practice just knowing there are other "eyes" seeing me.   


   Scheduled practice is helpful because I don’t always make harp practice a priority, with so many competing interests and distractions any given day.   


   I made a breakthrough today! I was stuck on something for months, and during copractice I found the solution. The group energy is real!   



Access to all 4 Virtual Harp Summits

(high-caliber, timeless workshops)

Getting practice support is key, and so is getting inspiring material to practice! All four Virtual Harp Summits offer full-spectrum harp education and information, whether you’re a beginner or professional harpist. Dip into this incredible library any time so that you stay fresh and inspired on your harp journey.

Virtual Harp Summit

   Harp Summit changed my life, inspiring and helping me to regain and maintain my enthusiasm for learning and music.   


   I feel like I’ve rediscovered the treasure map, and there is such rich learning ahead yet.”   

D. T.

   Pure gold, giving me the ability to pace myself and revisit, to perk up my playing and brighten our ensembles. It's like going to a harp festival in my own home, but getting to choose every option at every session of every master.   


   Join us in Harp Summit Circle!


Monthly in-depth reviews of select Summit workshops

Make the most of Virtual Harp Summit’s vast catalog of effective workshops: join us live for monthly online workshops deep-diving into selected Virtual Harp Summit workshops. This is your chance to practice, review, ask questions and get feedback and guidance. (Replays available if you can’t make it live.)


Weekly tips in your inbox

Keeping you inspired and on track with your harp journey, a little weekly reminder can make all the difference between consistent playing versus a dusty harp.


and much more!

This is a brand new program, so I anticipate adding features as inspiration and need arises. I love creating dynamic programs that respond to what we most need right now!

With Harp Summit Circle, you’ll stay motivated, on track and making the harp progress you’ve always dreamed of. Build on the beautiful harp community energy you’ve experienced at Harp Gathering and…

   Join us in Harp Summit Circle!

Harp Summit Circle Founding Member details:

As a Founding Member of this brand-new program, you get a special lifetime rate of:

$47 / month

(regular price $67/month.)


And if you’ve already purchased lifetime access to any Virtual Harp Summits, you get an additional 10% off this low lifetime membership rate!

Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll sort it out for you.

   Join us in Harp Summit Circle!

Questions? I’m happy to chat!

Email me at [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!