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Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast

podcast Dec 21, 2020

Season 1 Episode 14

Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast
Bringing you beautiful, healing, magical Harp Music
...and talking with the artists that create it...
Hosted by Jay Michaels

This week’s episode “Harpy Holidays!” Is the final episode of Season 1, featuring Winter and Holiday music from many of the fine Harp players who appeared in Season 1.

Martha Gallagher:  https://adkharper.com

Silvia Maserati: arparama - Arparama

Asya Sergeeva: https://asyasergeeva.bandcamp.com/releases

Diana Rowan: Bright Way Harp Circle

Jenna Greene: www.greeneladymusic.com  

Coriolan: https://coriolan-music.bandcamp.com

Cheryl Ann Fulton: cherylannfulton.com

Cynthia Cathcart: Cynthia Cathcart

Harper’s Hall: Harpers Hall Home Page

The Harper and The Minstrel: www.TheHarperandTheMinstrel.com


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