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Creative community simply works - Angela Westphal (Bright Way Podcast)

bright way podcast Apr 18, 2021

Former veterinarian Angela is greatly inspired by the creative Community. She shares how supportive Community actually works - how Community comes together around a vision, how Community is cultivated over the long term, and how the dynamic of many strong creatives can be held in a #collective that honors each individual vision as a benefit to all.

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All right. Welcome Angela. Thank you. Where are you right now? Right now? I am in Germany. In fact, because I am, I grew up in Germany and for some days ago, arrived in Germany. That will be here in Germany at my brother's place for two months. Yeah. And where do you usually live? Usually I am living in Northern Norway.

It is about 1,800 kilometers North from Oslo. And that means not from the optic Circle. I am living on an Island called<inaudible> big Island, but it's a very remote area. Beautiful. And you are a wonderful harpist, a very creative person. In addition to your harping, which we're going to talk...

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