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Recharge your battery in 3 minutes (BKI 7)


Are you running on empty? Need to recharge your battery?

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Let go of judgment to get better & more joyous practice results (BKI 6)


Lacking results and motivation in your practice? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and get the change you've been looking for!

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How to feel more Inspired (BKI 5)


Have you lost your Inspiration? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant and learn how to add more inspiration to your life!

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How to play with expression: listen first! (BKI 4)


Do you want to know how to add artistry to your work today not sometime down the line?! Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant to learn a new way of expressing artistry & listening deeper!

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Setting goals that stick! (BKI 3)


Has your goal setting run out of steam? Watch this Bright Knowledge Instant to learn a new way of setting goals that will work for you!

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Move your creativity forward (BKI 2)


Move your creativity forward with this Bright Knowledge Instant and cultivate memory!

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The 1st step to finding your Purpose as a creative (BKI 1)


Do you know what Your greatest calling is?! Watch our first Bright Knowledge Instant and find out!

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