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The Christine Upchurch Show - The Vibration of Change

podcast Apr 23, 2020

While creativity may seem like a leisure-time luxury, it is actually an important engine for cultural advancement. Author and professional harpist Diana Rowan talks with Christine about how creative acts require more than just ideas—they also require ingenuity, perseverance, and the courage to bring them forward. In this interview, Rowan lays out an approach to help empower you to combine inspiration with action so that you can bring your creative work to the world.


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Diana Rowan on Creativity in Challenging Times

podcast Apr 20, 2020


New World Now host Kim Corbin talks with author Diana Rowan about creativity in challenging times. Diana is the author of THE BRIGHT WAY: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within.

Diana Rowan on Creativity in Challenging Times

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Moments with Marianne

podcast Apr 13, 2020


It was a pleasure talking with Marianne Pestana about "The Bright Way" book and other subjects. Listen to the podcast here:


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Lighthouse Conversations with Chelley Canales (The Bright Way to Create with Diana Rowan)

podcast Apr 06, 2020

There is no wrong way to create, but there is a Bright Way. Creative alchemist, writer, teacher and musician Diana Rowan believes that “creativity is one of the supreme ways to reconnect to our true selves and that creativity is accessible to all.” Her Bright Way system, detailed in her just released book, is an incredible tool to help each of us dive into our gifts and set them free, despite fear and self-doubt.

Her journey from a musical child with crippling performance anxiety to a cultivator of the dreams of others is discussed in this episode. Learn how Diana’s book The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within has given the world a beautiful gift that will resonate for years to come.

Diana Rowan is the author of The Bright Way. She is a professional harpist and has performed on six continents. She founded the Bright Knowledge Guild to be able to teach in the digital environment, and she offers students around the world access to her system...

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The Mystical Positivist - Radio Show #355 - 28 MAR 20

podcast Apr 06, 2020

This week on The Mystical Positivist, we feature a pre-recorded conversation with Diana Rowan, author of The Bright Way – Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within, published this year by New World Library. Diana Rowan is a Creative Alchemist and founder of the Bright Way Guild, a virtual learning environment dedicated to transforming and inspiring a global community of creatives. The classical inquiry of “what makes a good life?” has driven Diana from her youngest years, and sharing her hard-won discoveries with others is her mission. Having recovered from a soul-crushing case of stage fright and other challenges, Diana believes that by shining light on the darkness we fear, we can all become courageous purveyors of bright knowledge and live the good life.

Diana was born in Dublin, Ireland to college student parents, setting the stage for a lifetime of lively learning and seeking. Soon thereafter, her father became a diplomat for the Irish...

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Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair: 5 Steps to Freeing the Creative Within

podcast Mar 27, 2020


If you’ve ever told yourself you’re not creative, you’re wrong. Everyone — regardless of age, job, situation — has creativity within them says today’s guest, creative alchemist and author Diana Rowan.  Her new book The Bright Way: Five Steps to Freeing the Creative Within provides inspiration and action steps to help you find your purpose and live more creatively.

We discuss creative practices, why it’s important to embrace mistakes, how solitude is necessary, and why creativity and connection are synonymous. We also share Diana’s 5 steps,  and why fulfillment is an essential ingredient of sustainable creativity.

Diana Rowan is the founder the Bright Way Guild a virtual learning environment for a global community of creatives. Diana’s a musician and composer, performing and teaching in the San Francisco area and around the world.

Listen to the full podcast on the link below:


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REPOST from PsychCentral.com: Small But Impactful Ways to Nurture Your Creativity Every Day

creativity Mar 24, 2020

One of the biggest barriers to creativity is lack of time. You’re busy. Your days are demanding. You have a long list of tasks from last week that you’ve yet to tackle.

But is it really a tangible, true-blue lack of time, or more of a belief or feeling that time is scarce or non-existent?

“If there is something you want to be doing, you have the time to do it,” said artist and author Bridget Watson Payne. She interviewed numerous people for her book How Time Is On Your Side who didn’t seem to have time for their creative work—and yet carved out “pockets of time in all sorts of amazing ways.”

Payne interviewed a woman who wrote two children’s books in 10-minute bursts on her phone while riding the subway. One book took 3 months to complete; the other took 1 month. Payne interviewed an artist who works for a ride-sharing company and “lets creative ideas percolate in the back of his mind while driving” and jots...

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How to get started with online teaching & creating (platforms & tools)

online teaching Mar 15, 2020

Dear Friends, in response to your questions about getting started teaching and creating online, I made this tutorial for you. Sending love and please share with your friends and colleagues!

In case you don't know me, I work full time online as a musician, writer and teacher, run huge virtual summits, membership programs, small group and 1-1 teaching, as well as share my music and writing online.


Affiliate links:

Sign up for ZOOM: http://bit.ly/2INWllF

Sign up for KAJABI: http://bit.ly/dr-kajabi

Sign up for VIMEO: http://bit.ly/2Qy35IX

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Mistakes as Allies

creativity Mar 06, 2020

Mistakes! Monsters in my worlds of creating, teaching and performing. The number one fear I hear from creatives is “What if I make a mistake?” Not “what if I don’t sound expressive?” Not “what if I don’t sound interesting?” No: mistakes dominate as the greatest fear. And I completely relate. I gave up my entire music career for four years due to mistake-phobia.

It’s strange, because as humans, we’re born problem-solvers. We’re always looking to fix and improve things. Problem-solving is the basis of our innovation and evolution: it’s creativity and life-affirmation in action, from the pianoforte to record lifespans.

Sometimes we humans are accused of “negativity bias.” We look for problems without appreciating what actually is working. We get stressed out as a result. But here the thing; problem-solving isn’t inherently negative. What is negative is our fear of making mistakes, our...

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How to give and receive healthy feedback (BKI 18)


Do you feel giving & getting feedback is a bit scary? I understand. I feel the same. Yet it's a risk well worth taking, as the joys far outweigh the lows. Yes, by both giving and receiving feedback we:

• cultivate community

• accelerate our learning process

• stoke our inspiration

• identify blind spots

• build resilience


...to name just a few of the benefits!

How to give and receive healthy feedback? Start with this sweet technique: you'll set the stage for positivity and true communication.

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