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#Ep209: A Harp Summit That Shaped The Way Creativity Is Imagined

podcasts Mar 23, 2021
Diana Rowan — Award-winning artist
#Ep209: A Harp Summit That Shaped The Way Creativity Is Imagined


Diana Rowan is a pioneer in her industry shaping the way musical inspiration and creativity is shared through her Harp Summit Series.  In today’s episode she shares with us some of the strategies she used to build community, fill her membership, and overcome fears that could have halted her inspiration.  All that and more on today’s episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast. 

Diana's top 3 advices:

  • 1 The very first thing someone needs to do before hosting a summit is to understand your purpose.

that will really fuel you through absolutely everything.

  • 2. Get community support around it.
  • 3 . It really did change my life to have summits.I was able to collaborate with so many people at once.




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