How much would it be worth to you if you were
finally able to get over stage fright and, more importantly,
actually look forward to performing?

What do you think this would be worth to you now
and for the rest of your life/professional career?


Here's what Performance Mastery participants say:

"I'm relieved to find a forum where we talk about performance with honesty and depth. The way that I was taught performance was all about faking the experience! This is a really important subject that doesn't get talked about enough - or at all!"

"Very, very potent."

"You can't believe how proud I am!
[this participant performed TWICE after having NEVER performed despite playing music all her life] I was so excited last night I had trouble finding sleep. I am so happy!"

"For all of us, I think, music is the avenue of openness to beauty, to transformation, to going beyond ourselves. If I keep my music only to myself it cuts off that ability to share in something wondrous. It is like eating a feast alone—the food loses its savor."

"BIG DIFFERENCE, not only in myself but in the choir. They saw me centering, and the energy got through to them, too."

"I thank you so much for helping me with this! I find that the process is giving me more confidence and calm in my life in general and is so positive!"

Performance Anxiety costs you deeply.

It costs you emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, socially and career-wise. FEAR of being in the spotlight takes a huge toll. I understand, because I've been there.

Stop handing your opportunities over to others. Don’t give up on your dreams worrying you don't have talent or that you've picked the wrong career.

You can stop suffering from performance anxiety NOW.

It doesn’t have to take YEARS of agonizing through the emotional roller coaster of just getting used to it. How long do you want to keep living with this debilitating fear?

You CAN perform with greater ease quickly.
You can begin performing without anxiety in less than 6 weeks.