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Best Performing Artist 2015!

Join me August 1, 2015 in person (Berkeley CA) and online (anywhere!) to learn my top tips for magnetic, confident performances - details at EVENTS.

Get back on track: Harp Ecosystem with Diana starts Aug 15, 2015

Upgrade your harp practice and performance now

Are you a dedicated musician who doesn't get the results or satisfaction you expect from practice? Do you shy away from performing even though you love playing harp? You're not alone! That's exactly why I created the harp ecosystem program for committed musicians, using time-efficient methods to:

• improve your performance level - play better and with more ease
• increase your motivation so you regain the joy of playing and progress faster
• reframe stage fright - learn to perform with magnetism, share your music with confidence and develop your career

This program focuses on working smarter, not harder. It is designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy musicians. Get back on track, develop your personal practice & performance blueprint and set your course firmly for the future! Program starts August 15, 2015, and is limited to 12 participants. Apply here