New! Get back on track: 1 month Musical Intensive with Diana

Upgrade your musical practice and performance now

Are you a busy and dedicated musician who wishes there was a way to bypass years of routine practice yet still get results? You are not alone! That's exactly why I have created this 1 month musical intensive, using proven methods to jumpstart your performance, increase your motivation, and deal with stage fright:

• Eight 30-minute private lessons (online/in person/combo)
• Homestudy assignments with feedback from Diana and private community
• Confidential online support via a private community page
• Performance opportunities in your community facilitated by Diana
• Help finding your musical community

Get back on track, develop your personal practice/performance blueprint and set your course firmly for the future!
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Harp and Piano - Performance & Lessons

Diana Rowan’s performances synthesize her passion for music, travel, history and culture with her decades of study, teaching, and composition.

Diana offers a transforming experience for audiences and students, who find themselves inspired to go out into the world and create themselves. Diana integrates many traditions and cultures from the countries in which she has studied and lived, revealing her depth of respect for musical traditions plus an ability to innovate new musical forms.

Holding a PhD in harp composition from the National Academy of Music, Bulgaria and an MM in Piano Performance, Diana has over 3 decades of training with some of the world's greatest teachers, over 20 years of teaching experience and a vast performance record.

She currently performs worldwide as both a solo artist and as a collaborator, and is particularly interested in how music brings people back to themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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Presentation: making stage fright your ally

Music Teacher's Association on California: Holy Names University, Oakland CA


Interactive presentation on how to manage stage fright so that it actually helps you. The proactive teachers of MTAC have invited me to speak on this topic, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge plus learning from their experiences.


Workshop: Get Your Act Together

 —  —

Rose Labyrinth Series, 2138 Cedar St., Berkeley CA


I'm joined by my very good friend Becky pianist/educator Becky Trujillo and dancer/creativity coach Holly Shaw to present this super useful all-day workshop on how to get past your blocks and start creating. More details to come - suffice it to say we will be bringing our best tools from our diverse and active paths to help each and every one of you with your particular story. Come prepared for CHANGE!


Piano Duo concert with Becky Trujillo

DC Pianos, 2416 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA


Yes, I play the piano too, and in fact it was my first instrument! Excited to share a fiery afternoon of piano duo repertoire by Brahms, Ravel, Debussy, Poulenc, Stoyanov and Stopschinski. I will be performing with one of my very best friends, Rebecca Trujillo, in Dennis Croda's large piano store, featuring different pianos for different composers!


Northern Lights Harp Festival

 —  —

Montreal, Canada


Hello friends, I'm really excited to be teaching and performing at the Northern Lights Harp Fest in Ottawa, Canada Oct 2-4! The workshop topics and concerts are absolutely on point for today's harpist - performance psychology, many musical genres, composition & improv, working with small harps, and even a one-day therapeutic harp immersion program, to name a few - check out the schedule here I'll be joined by Poppy DesClouds, Martha Gallagher, Gisèle & Robin, Michelle Gott, Timothy Harper, Ray Pool, Dee Sweeney and Harper Tasche - please check us out, we'd love to have you with us!

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