Who's afraid of harp technique? No need to be! FLOW Harp Technique marries the healthiest harp techniques with body-honoring arts such as yoga, dance, and Feldenkrais for today's harpist.

With 8 clear principles, FLOW Harp Technique is easily understood and learned. It sets you free to play the way you really want to - for life! 6 week LIVE ONLINE training starts January 12, 2016. Start 2016 with power and freedom!

Finally manage performance anxiety and learn to love performing: "Performance Mastery has completely changed my life" " In six short weeks, our group showed intense reformation" " I realize that I CAN do this" "I can now envision living my dream of being able to bring healing music to others!"

Current session closed - please sign up here and be the first to know when the next session starts!

Golden Gear Best Performing Artist 2015