Bio | Diana Rowan | Award-winning music artist and composer
Diana Rowan


An award-winning musical artist performing worldwide, Dr. Diana Rowan’s playing and compositions have unusual power and beauty. She integrates global musical traditions with fluency and reverence.

Born in Ireland and raised the child of an Irish diplomat, Diana has traveled, lived and performed on six continents. As a natural outgrowth of this inspiration, her music interweaves global music, art, spirituality and mythology.

I always thought harps were sissy, delicate instruments. The way Diana Rowan plays makes even non-harp fans sit up and notice. Not exactly Celtic, but international, melodic, rhythmic, syncopated, complex. This harp music has cojones.

Steven Friedland

founder 5th St. Farms Concert Series

She can be heard on many CDs and soundtracks, including her solo albums Panta Rhei, The Bright Knowledge, and the forthcoming As Above, So Below.

Diana’s 30+ year performance career spans venues such as the World Harp Congress in Australia, Washington DC’s Smithsonian, the US Embassy in Vietnam, and Eastern European cathedrals.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Diana holds a PhD in Music Theory (world harp composition techniques), plus an MM in Piano Performance (classical.)

Diana founded Bright Knowledge Guild, the online academy for creatives, featuring Virtual Harp Summit and Bright Knowledge Harp Circle.

Which is first – breadth of repertoire or musicianship? No matter. The sum total will titillate even the most jaded audience. Diana is an astounding harpist – playing pieces that range from inspired traditional-based tunes to improvisational skin-prickling scats. Consider it a blessed time, to have this music seep into your being.

Anne Emerick

founder Wisteria Ways concert Series