$197.00 USD

Virtual Harp Summit 3


Learn the inside scoop on arranging your favorite songs, improvising with confidence, and composing with inspiration. You can do it!

Finally learn how to arrange your favorite songs, to improvise with confidence,  to compose with inspiration:

Come learn from harp teachers and performers who walk their talk.

Let's demystify Arranging, so that you can make songs your own, and find your personal harp voice/style.

Let's get you Improvising with ease and confidence, so you'll always have something to play, wherever you are.

Composing is perhaps the most intimidating topic of all: learn from us how you can contribute your beautiful voice to our harp world.

As you've come to expect from VHS, each top-notch VHS Presenter has been chosen because of their artistic abilities, teaching talents, and compassionate natures.

At VHS you learn in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.