$197.00 USD

Virtual Harp Summit 2


Learn to play with flow, power and ease. Feel confident and comfortable as you play. Bonus: technique helps you be more expressive and creative!

"Virtual Harp Summit 1’s theme was “Playing with Expression & Creativity”

From this powerful gathering of 25+ master harpists, we learned Technique is CRUCIAL if we want to play with expression and flow, not to mention ease.

In fact, VHS.1 participants voted for Technique as our theme for VHS.2 – and here we are!

But isn’t Technique hard and boring?

Not with Virtual Harp Summit 2’s lineup!

Finally fall in love with Technique and understand how it sets your playing free.

We’ll be talking about principles - not rules! - and representing harpists from many genres and type of harp.

Each top-notch harpist at Virtual Harp Summit has been chosen because they deeply understand Technique as an artistic tool.

They know how to share about technique in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.

Let’s get started on owning Technique and playing the way we want to!"